Project Profile


  • The Holoculture Database
  • The Holoculture Superconductor

Participating Orgs:

  • The Spectacle Agency

Participating Agents and Associates:

  • Brian Vereschagin
  • Zhenya Slabkovski
  • Anders Aamodt

Short Description:

The Human Memone Project is an effort to map the human memone. Everyone has a unique view to culture, a unique social DNA, however, once the network has enough input, we can model a complete sequence of naturally isomorphic models. This whole template for a human society will include at least one full set of models with which to compare one’s own culture. From here the differences between the naturally isomorphic models and the fiat models will become immediately apparent, and healing can begin rapidly on an individual level.

So much work has already been done to improve and decentralize our culture, and yet there is no unified method for capturing and sharing this information. By collecting it together and explicitly selecting the best models and methods from each other, we can directly play a role in the evolution of culture!

Projected Impact:

Any and all wholesome projects relating to decentralization can benefit from being part of a bigger picture, bringing together various groups and activists, and directly showing how we are all actually working towards the same goal: naturally harmonious (isomorphic) culture.

Unsorted Notes and Details: