The Spectacle Agency is both a traditional organization and a holographic organization. Anyone is free and welcome to clone this website or otherwise use the ideas implemented here in their own context. This site has recently been created and only contains temporary material. Full functionality will be programmed into the site as time permits.

From a comment of mine (to be edited later):

This is one of the main goals of The Spectacle Agency: to bring critical activists together, to support each other, to iterate all the possible projects out there which are truly critical, and to connect us with work in this field that can sustain our livelihood. Even if youre not looking to ever get paid for any of this kind of work that you do, itd be nice to have an extra pair of eyes to help with development of material for public consumption.

I would like this website to serve a few critical functions. 1. Scouting talent and connecting them and their work to the Others. 2. Identifying all existing organizations and their critical activities (projects). 3. Providing critique to all existing critical organizations as to what parts of their work have potential, and which parts are holding them back (the old ways). 4. Direct access to a curated instance of the HCDB containing materials and references to the whole range of wholesome human behavior. 5. Hmm what else. Basically launch this holomemetic operating system/virus.

As I said, the organization is holographic, anyone can use it. It will eventually become a default behavior for anyone who curates their own HCDB, but for now these methods are unknown. This is why I also want to parallel the organization with a traditional model (ie. perhaps something like a cooperative).