Project Profile


  • The Holoculture Database

Participating Orgs:

  • The Spectacle Agency

Participating Agents and Associates:

  • Brian Vereschagin

Short Description:

An application for smart phone or HUD glasses to identify images and audio in real time of either advertisements or the commodity itself and give specifications and all known data about it, including the fiat models it uses to favor image over substance. Plus a full set of alternative naturally isomorphic models to meet the particular need, including the exact local guilds that you can find to meet the need in a healthy way. This technology is an example of the power of the HCDB to heal our communities and converge upon the best culture.

Projected Impact:

This is an easy and simple way for the average person to gain insight into the products they consume, as well as a way for them to directly meet any particular need through local community directly with peers.

Unsorted Notes and Details: