Project Profile


  • The Holoculture Database

Participating Orgs:

  • The Spectacle Agency
  • The MetaCurrency Project (Ceptr)

Participating Agents and Associates:

  • Brian Vereschagin
  • Zhenya Slabkovski
  • Anders Aamodt

Short Description:

The Holoculture Superconductor project is a trantitionary measure to make the memetically selected content of the Holoculture Database widely accessible. Ideally this database would be curated by each individual for themselves, but in the beginning it will be difficult for people to understand the benefit without curating some initial content. This will be undertaken by a network of highly connected HCDB nodes with reach into the many aspects of human behavior to select the most wholesome and useful models. These Superconductor nodes will make their database available through traditional stateful media such as centralized websites, while also peering with the general public using the HCDB protocols.

Projected Impact:

Such a system is required to rapidly bootstrap a peer to peer network of human behavior models constituting a global holomemetic nervous system to augment or replace traditional hierarchical management structures of society.

Unsorted Notes and Details:

The Spectacle Agency will provide the first node in this network, and develop or encourage nodes in holocultural hotspots around the globe (especially commons spaces and wholesome communities).