Project Profile


  • Ceptr Holochain

Participating Orgs:

  • The Spectacle Agency
  • The MetaCurrency Project (Ceptr)

Participating Agents and Associates:

  • Brian Vereschagin
  • Zhenya Slabkovski
  • Anders Aamodt

Short Description:

The Holocultural Database is a technological extension of natural structures of the mind, and does not require a high tech environment to function. At its core, the HCDB is a database of doctrine material used to acquire models for any facet of human behavior, and the specific workings of any human organization.

Of course we have produced such doctrine material and shared it with each other to achieve the memetic convergence required for society to function, but it has never been done in a properly organized fashion.

The Holocultural Database (HCDB) Application keeps track of doctrine material from an individual perspective, while giving the user access to share and update with their peers. Through the process of memetic selection, the best and most useful culture will emerge and spread.

The HCDB keeps track of not only the natural guilds, and the general models which allow us to navigate reality, but it also tracks the proximity guilds, which are the actual manifestations of this ideal order

Projected Impact:

This is a core component of the global holomemetic nervous system which is set to augment and replace traditional hierarchical management structures.

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